Other: irish hair

71 banners

30 Edward Cullen related banners!
41 various "old" is love banners

- I would like to point out that this idea came from lopeta and her brillant "teamvampire" icons. The last 3 team edward saying are hers and you
will find the icons of them at readtwilight. The rest of the sayings are mine. Please be gentle; they could have been much more smutty than this.

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Other: irish hair

45 icon dump +

45 icons
13 Labyrinth
11 doctor who (9&rose)
12 josh groban
3 The Seeker
6 misc (twilight/as you like it/mis_type)


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8 wallpapers
1 : labyrinth/doctor who/jane eyre(2006)
3 josh groban
3 harry potter

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